Headshot, Ric Bacon (2016) 

Headshot, Ric Bacon (2016) 

Welcome to my world called adamberryactor.com

In rehearsals for Othello (National Theatre, 2013)

I sat down to write this "About" section, and wanted to try and tell you about my credits, and highlights in the most professional and stylish way possible. 

But in truth

In Performance of Fatzer Downfall of an Egosit by Bertolt Brecht, Directed by Di Trevis (2016)

It wasn't my voice speaking...and I hated it.

So I deleted that.  

And have written this instead.  

Firstly, I love acting.  I always have done and always will.  It was my driving force from a very young age, and every decision I have made every day has been with my acting career in my mind.  

Now don't get me wrong, having this drive is wonderful....but I also found it exhausting.  

In fact. 

I found it too exhausting for words.  Especially when I ended up in a non creative day job, just because they would be understanding about having to go up for an audition at the last minute.  Or if I ever got the job...then disappear for a few weeks.

All I found was I was getting tired. 

Creatively...but also  in life.  

So for the last 3 years or so I have focused on a different part of my life.  I became a Personal Trainer called The Gym Starter and have managed to use so much of what I learnt as an actor to help others. 

I never stopped acting.

But just stopped letting it dominate my life.  

I have often compared being an actor to living with a noose around your neck.  Its easy if you get the job that will string you along for the rest of your life.  

But so far I have never been that fortunate.  

I am a jobbing actor. 

And this is a very different thing now; to what it was 25 years ago.  

But I know I am a damn fine jobbing actor.  

I've achieved things in my acting career that when I was 18 and starting Drama School, I would have been so happy.  

I have: 

Screenshot from DFS UK Christmas Commercial Campaign (2015)

Screenshot from DFS UK Christmas Commercial Campaign (2015)

  • Trained at RADA

  • Trained at The Drama Centre

  • Worked with an Oscar Winner

  • Spoken Shakespeare on the Olivier Stage at the National Theatre

  • Performed in an NT Live Production

  • Been on National Television

  • Produced my own film and won film festivals with it

  • Been to the Cannes FIlm Festival

Still from film Double Barrelled (Nik Susyev, 2014)

Still from film Double Barrelled (Nik Susyev, 2014)

All massive goals of mine that I wanted to achieve in my life.  I have a few more like:

  • Perform for The RSC

  • Be on the BBC

  • Be on Netflix

  • Do my own stunts on a film

And I am sure one day these dreams will come true for me.  But if they don't, that's ok.  

I've had my fair share of knocks.  

But I have had more than enough success.  

In perfomance of Othello (2013) at The National Theatre Dorected by Sir Nicholas Hytner

And when I look back at my successes I am proud of my career.  

Considering I achieved all of that being a 6ft 4in lanky 20 something...isn't so bad at all.  

What I am trying to say is Welcome.  

This is me.  

I'm either going to be right for your film or show.  

Or I'm not.  

If you think I will be...then drop me a message and I will get to an audition. 

I will also be as professional as I can be for you, turn up on time, and do a damn fine job for you. 

If you want to see more of me then click below to view my Showreel:


With Thanks In My Life To...

My Mum and Dad...they have never stopped my wanting to pursue my dreams, they have supported everything I have done and alhtough I know at times its not easy for them to stay strong, they have.  And I am eternally grateful for their love, support and kindness every day. 


All of my coaches and teachers from my time at The Drama Centre London.  My three years there made me who I am today and it will always hold a special place in my heart.  Especially to the wonderful James Kemp, Annie Tyson, John White, Andrew Tidmarsh and Glenn Snowden. 


My partner Taleah.  For helping to drive me forward every single day and inspires me to improve, be more creatvie and to continue working on my dreams.  She makes everything better and continues to make me a better person every single day